What Makes Natural Rock Salt So Good For Health?

What is the major difference between the crystalline salt and common salt? If you come across such question, then this would be the best source for you to know the actual story in details. Common salt is majorly obtained from oceans and then it is modified in factories to make it suitable for human use. However, in the process, chemicals and toxic impurities, like aluminium, get infused to the product, and when we consume the salt, we actually consume the chemical components at the same time, in minute amount. On the other hand, the crystalline salt (also known as natural salt) is derived from natural resources and kept it unrefined. The natural salt contains as many as 84 essential elements that are very much necessary for every living being.

How is the salt obtained?

The story of obtaining the natural salt, i.e. himalayan rock salt salt is very interesting. The salt found at the foothill of Himalayas was formed almost 200-300 million years ago, during the inception of this young fold mountain. The salt is collected from the salt mine here, but with the help of hand. Handpicked process of collecting crystalline salt helps to maintain the rich minerals. The collection process is very slow and tough, but still people use this natural procedure for obtaining better quality natural salt.

The natural salt in crystalline form comes in pinkish color, while pure white, red or black specks are also observed on it. This proves the quality of the salt and how genuine it is. Similarly, the pyramid salt is also obtained in pure form from Australian seabeds. It also retains the essential minerals like calcium and magnesium in proper percentage.

Does it contain all the essential minerals?

It is said that the rock salt contains 84 different essential minerals and it has been proved. Our human body also requires all these 84 elements for proper growth and cell generation, which the natural salt supplies. All the minerals present in the salt are in pure form and no toxic element is present in it. No additives or preservatives are added at any cost, which makes the salt 100% safe for consumption. Also, it is needless to say that the testing on the salt has proved that present of mercury is at the rate of 0.005mg/ kilogram, while the permissible amount is 0.1mg/ kilogram. As the salt was formed naturally 200-300 million years ago and no human intervention took place in the region, so the purity of the salt is still maintained. Presence of natural iodine is 0.40mg/ 4gm, which makes the entire product so good for human health and body.

Things To Consider While Gardening

If you are going to make a garden, then there are several things to consider. Here are some tips how you can make your garden beautiful.
Your garden’s structure will depend upon your city’s climate. Make your yard open to get the fullest of sunlight and this will make a micro climate depending upon the sunlight. Micro climates are generally divided into four categories, such as full sun, partial shade, shade and deep shade. Notice your yards’ micro climate while choosing plants for your garden. The topography will be a thing to consider and make sure that the water drainage system is good of your garden.

Decide first that who will mostly use your garden, if you have pets and children in home then you have to make safe the garden from them because you do not know how they will roam in the garden. Also, you should be aware of any bee nest in your garden.

This type of nest is not only dangerous for you, but also for your kids and pets. So, if you find any nest of bee in your garden just contact and hire bee nest termination service.

Also think about the purpose of the garden that in what purpose you are trying to use the garden, it is may be just outdoor showing purpose. While you are planning to make your garden you will also be aware about the maintenance cost of the garden.

It is important to make your garden look different from others, so think differently. While choosing the correct theme for your gardens keep in mind of your home’s architecture, it should be matched. Once you are sure what theme you are choosing it will also help to choose the plants and hardscapes.

If you want to make more space of your garden, then plan the area as you planned your home’s room, but the interlink between spaces is important they should match to each other. Make the walkways in your garden spacious that people easily move to another place from other. Make a plan how you plant your flower trees or other trees, you can plant it in a number of rows. You can also plant fruit trees, aromatic trees and vegetables etc.

There must be various types of plants and you should treat them separately. Make different space for different types of plants such as rounded, spiky, weeping, oval etc. every plants are unique in nature they are ornaments in the garden so you should use their specialty differently to show their characteristics, highlight the beautiful areas. As time went by the garden will increase keep that thing in mind so plan the passage ways correctly to avoid affecting in the future.